Private house in Rīga

Typology: Residential, Architecture
Location: Rīga, Latvia
Year: 2020
Status: Construction
Size: 120 m2
Client: Private
Design team: a part arhitekti
Collaborators: a2a engineers

The building is designed as a private house for a single family, located in a quiet and historic neighborhood in Riga. The main building typology in the area is single story individual houses with slope roofs. Blending into an existing environment was one of the main challenges in the project. 

Reacting on the plot shape, the volume of the building extends to the depth of the plot, linearly following the shape of the plot.

The building is spatially divided into 2 volumes with different roof slopes. In the south side, where the entrance node is located is an open space with a flat roof.  The heated part of the building consists of an elongated rectangular volume facing the longitudinal axis of the plot. The spatial form of the volume is defined by the roof, which is created by connecting several roof planes with different slopes, creating rooms with different ceiling heights, according to the functions and significance of each room.

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