Open-air concert hall in Daugavpils

Typology: Masterplan, Architecture, Public
Location: Daugavpils, Latvia
Year: 2020
Status: Awarded proposal in open competition
Plot size: 25 500 m2
Building size: 3 672 m2

Client: Daugavpils City Council
Design team: a part arhitekti
Collaborators: Ozola&Bula

Open air concert hall is designed in Daugavpils Central Park, which was created after the Second World War. Near the park there are several school buildings, a railway line, as well as the Daugavpils Ice Hall .

The volumes of the building respects and continues parks structure. -
facades continue the park lines - paths, around existing buildings and trees. Plan of the building is made of 2 independent blocks - a block of employees and artists and seperate block of visitors.

The visitors side is crerated as an amphitheater with a total of 1,644 seats. Under the amphitheater is planned a conference hall up to 60 visitors and a cafe (up to 30 visitors) that can serve as a public space all year round.

The planned concert hall will be a good addition to the identity of the historical center of Daugavpils, will attract local residents and guests of the city.

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