Park in Gulbene

Typology: Landscape, Masterplan, Public
Location: Gulbene, Latvia
Year: 2020
Status: Proposal in open competition
Size: 20050 m2
Client: Gulbene City Council
Design team: a part arhitekti

The projected area is located in the central part of Gulbene in a moderately active city zone. The plot is surrounded by residential buildings - private houses and low-rise apartment buildings, which do not form a unified and expressive urban planning ensemble.

The proposed solutions for the park development concept respond to the current situation in the park and its surroundings by offering a balanced and functionally well-thought-out spatial structure, while preserving almost all the valuable trees growing in the area. The planned solutions envisage versatile use of the territory, which would be attractive and appropriate for visitors to the park of various interests and age groups.

The main cornerstone of the park's active recreation area is the opene air stage, which is the only planned building in the park's development concept. The volume is planned as a compact, multifunctional building with stage function, facilities and kiosks.

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