Library extension in Jekabpils

Typology: Architecture, Public
Location: Jēkabpils, Latvia
Year: 2022
Status: Proposal in open competition
Size: 984 m2
Client: Jēkabpils municipality
Design team: a part arhitekti

Proposal involves creating a linear building volume along the southeastern site border, with a well-designed outdoor space facing M. Lutera Street and Draudzības Alley. This volume aligns with the historic building's facade, forming a harmonious relationship with the old bank building and the surrounding area.
The extension respects existing buildings and mature trees on the site, preserving them as key elements of the architectural concept. It features a linear volume with semi-circular recesses, providing easy access to the historic building while maintaining the existing trees.
The chosen geometry of the extension is designed for efficient use, ensuring optimal placement of functions and required space.

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