Hospital Extension in Jelgava

Typology: Masterplan, Architecture, Public
Location: Jelgava, Latvia
Year: 2021
Status: II place in open competition
Size: 2 960 m2
Client: Jelgava hospital
Design team: a part arhitekti
Collaborators: Ozola&Bula

The main task of the reconstruction of the hospital and new building is to obtain a high-quality environment based on a good user experience, in which the existing hospital building and the designed extension operate.

The architectural image of the building is a clear and rational rectangular volume, which basically strictly follows the functionality and layout.

Its spatial shape and proportions interact with the dominant buildings in the area. The purity, simplicity and ergonomics of the volumes form the basic conditions for the architecturally spatial concept, where the user of the building is the main factor. A compact volume whose geometry allows the creation of non-overlapping flows for organic hospital users. The layout of the building is easy to read and easy to navigate.

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