Private House in Juglasciems

Typology: Residential, Architecture
Location: Rīga, Latvia
Year: 2022
Status: Construction stage
Size: 275 m2
Client: Private
Design team: a part arhitekti

The building configuration responds to the boundaries and geometry of the plot, which is distinctly linear and forms a narrow angle with Lēvenstrauta Street. The volumes are positioned parallel to the longitudinal axis of the site and in a stepped manner relative to the red lines of Lēvenstrauta Street. The volume is situated in the southeastern part of the site, marking the entrance node and functionally dividing the courtyard area.
The architectural expression is created through a composition of two different-length linear volumes. Spatiality and the interaction of volumes are achieved by combining a single-pitched roof with a flat roof, thereby accentuating the functionally distinct blocks of residential buildings.

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