Krasta City

Typology: Masterplan, Architecture, Public
Location: Rīga, Latvia
Year: 2020
Status: III place in open competition
Size: 43567 m2
Client: Hepsor
Design team: a part arhitekti
Collaborators: Ozola&Bula

The project area is located in the Moscow suburbs - neighborhood of Riga which is characterized by low
use intensity, but at the same time is considered to be an area of high-value potential.
Proximity to the city center, local historical heritage, green areas and the proximity to the Daugava river are values which are going to be fully utilized only in a matter of time.

The following are the main challenges in creating the “Krasta City” building complex:
- Creating a high-quality, human-scale urban space on a relatively narrow plot of land with an irregular configuration
- Transport noise pollution from the adjacent Salu bridge and Krasta street
- Wind protection and climatic comfort in the public space
- Emphasis on developing the green areas of the city.

The project depicts the vision of the territory building development, in the optimal growth scenario, preserving the characteristic scale of the architecture, as well as respecting the silhouette of the historical center of Riga, complementing it with new features. The location of the towers in regards to one another and the composition of the volumes are based on a similar principle as the silhouette of Riga and its church towers, which are placed at different distances from each other. The construction is organized within the land plot, placing the buildings parallel to the shore, respecting the historical principles of Riga embankment construction.

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