Multi-storey Residential Building

Typology: Residential
Location: Mārupe, Latvia
Year: 2020
Status: Proposal
Size: 1800 m2
Client: Atteka Īpašumi
Design team: a part architects


Residential buildings on both plots are designed as common ensemble – 4 volumes, each 3 floor high, rectangular shaped, with a series of different gable roofs. Every two volumes are connected by one staircase.
The development of 18 apartments is divided in 2 phases, building a block of 9 flats as the 1st part. On the first and second floor are 3 room apartments while on the third floor and mansard are 2 level flats with 4 rooms. Each apartment has a balcony and on the ground floor individual terraces are provided.
Each phase is visually divided into two volumes. Each block is created using different cladding material – brick tile finish for the western volume and wooden boards for the eastern volume.

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