Rainis Park in Sigulda

Typology: Masterplan, Architecture, Public
Location: Sigulda, Latvia
Year: 2022
Status: 2nd place in open competition
Size: 69 650 m2
Client: Sigulda municipality
Design team: a part arhitekti

The proposed concept regenerates the area, responding to the park's current state and surroundings. It offers a balanced spatial layout while keeping most valuable trees intact. The selected conceptual framework encompasses the interaction of spherical sections, forming pathways, squares, and various meaningful expansions as they transition, providing usable spaces.
Flowing forms are employed in shaping the landscape, creating a cohesive park space and a positive user experience. It respects residents' preferences, offering familiarity with modern elements. The shapes complement the existing design in the park's north. An engaging user-friendly environment is created.

Built with Berta.me