Riga Building College

Typology: Masterplan, Architecture, Public
Location: Rīga, Latvia
Year: 2021
Status: 2nd/3rd place in open competition
Size: 19 067 m2
Client: Riga Building college
Design team: a part arhitekti

Creating the new extension of Riga Construction College in the context of the historic urban environment, our goal is to make a new, modern, innovative space that enhances and reveals new environmental qualities.
The project solutions are inspiring and architectural a high - value place for students to develop and multiply their own professional skills and knowledge.

The project depicts the vision of the construction of the territory, preserving the dominant scale of construction in the Riga Historical center and its surroundings, as well as respecting the silhouette of the surrounding construction, supplementing it with new dominants. The composition of building spatial elements is formed in the form of a step, where they increase in a linear progression. Such volume plastic reduces the monumentality of the building and systematizes the functions located in it.

Built with Berta.me