Jakob Westholm Gymnasium in Tallinn

Typology: Masterplan, Architecture, Public
Location: Tallinn, Estonia
Year: 2022
Status: Open competition
Size: 3 775 m2
Client: Jakob Westholmi Gümnaasium
Design team: a part arhitekti

The extension of the school in the heart of the district of Kassisaba required sensitive handling of the inner-city structures.

The new extension of the Jakob Westholm Gymnasium must reflect the idea of how to use a plot of land with an irregular configuration as efficiently and rationally as possible. By including the new building in the context of the historic urban environment, modern and innovative space that enhances and reveals new environmental qualities are created.

The proposal aims to create an inspiring and architecturally sustainable place for students to grow, learn and to make big plans in the direct presence of nature and peace.
Concentration, orientation, communication, and clear allocation are important parameters for present-day`s modern school buildings, as well as the relation to the outdoor, direct, and indirect sunlight and an open and inviting atmosphere. Strive for intellectual and creative achievements and the formative role of the school environment requires a highly differentiated setting.

Built with Berta.me