Residential building in Valmiera

Typology: Residential, Architecture
Location: Valmiera, Latvia
Year: 2022
Status: Proposal, ongoing
Size: 4 511 m2
Client: Private
Design team: a part arhitekti

The apartment building is located in the city center of Valmiera, opening its views towards park and promenade. Structure consists of 2 volumes merged together creating urban/volumetric transition that blends in surrounding environment.
The volume consists of two merged cubes, defining the building blocks and creating a gradual transition between the existing terrain and surrounding built environment. Large windows and openings ensure connection with view
Large windows ensure indoor-outdoor connection opening city and nature views, also serving as conduits for an influx of natural light, effortlessly illuminating the interior. This symbiotic relationship between architecture and nature enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of a space.

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