Hotel Complex in Old Riga

Typology: Urban, Architecture, Public
Location: Rīga, Latvia
Year: 2022
Status: Proposal in open competition
Size: 19 067 m2
Client: CITRA Development
Design team: a part arhitekti
Collaborators: NRJA (No Rules Just Architecture)

The plot of land borders the central axis of Old Riga, which connects the Freedom Monument with the Daugava / Akmens bridge, is adjacent to the pedestrian flow between Pēterbaznīcas and Doma Square, and is also located in close proximity to Rātslaukum in front of Riga City Hall.
The spatial nature of the planned buildings respects the surrounding historical and also recent buildings, where the truncated roof forms open and accentuate the view perspectives, while the zelmeni close the perspectives of the surrounding streets and serve as landmarks in the historical urban environment.
New buildings are built according to the principle of closed perimeter construction, placing the facade along the street from one side border of the land plot to the other side border.
The main perspectives of the projected volumes open to the intersections of the surrounding streets, where the largest flows of people are formed. The slopes of the roofs and the facade accents are designed to open towards wide intersections, forming street closing elements typical of the landscape of the historical center of Riga

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